Fabricante de una amplia variedad de bombas.
  • #1 European warehouse located in Belgium
  • 4 Bases de producción en China
  • Las bombas LEO están presentes en 140 países de todo el mundo.
  • 4000 empleados que trabajan para LEO
  • Cada año se producen 6,000,000 piezas para bombas
  • Se han producido 60,000,000 piezas para bombas en los últimos 20 años

LEO Europe enables LEO Pumps to live up to their full potential in the European market

As one of the worldwide leaders in the engineering and manufacturing of waterpumps, the time was right for LEO pumps to establish a European Office and warehouse in Europe. Started up in 2017 and located in the north east of Belgium, the new European Headquarter in the centre of Europe was born.

Our goal is to have the LEO products available in all European countries, with short delivery times by our own delivery service. With its right quality labels and professional trend-setting design and packaging, Leo Europe has the aim to be the number one European supplier for all range of waterpumps.

Together with our great team with more than 27 years of experience in the waterpump market, and our own in-house service and repair centre, we can assist all of our distributors in a very short time.

Interested in becoming a dealer? Contact us: info@leopumps-europe.com